The World's First Magic Mushroom Fitness Retreat





Align the mind, body and spirit with an intense and introspective fitness retreat focused on the present moment and what your mind can cause your body to do. Learn the most efficient biomechanics of the greatest machine in the world, the human body. We exist every day in a biomechanical suit controlled by a supercomputer, the human brain. Human consciousness is a beautiful thing than can be exercised and focused along with the body in this unique transcendental opportunity.

Skill Levels

  • Beginner
  • Intermediate
  • Advanced





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Area: Montego Bay, St. James Parish, Jamaica


Full Description

We are mind, body, and spirit and each needs to be exercised with discipline and intention. Come learn how to restructure your life. You will learn techniques to give you better focus - to concentrate on the moment rather than the past or the future. These skills can be worked in to your daily lives when you get home. Learn how to start down the mindfulness path or hone your existing mindfulness skills. All skill levels are welcome.


Enjoy accommodations at a private villa.

What Makes This Retreat Special

We attempt to focus on a locally grown and raised mushroom-based diet (when available and fresh). We do every activity with intention and discipline.



 Local, simple Jamaican foods.

  • Vegetarian options
  • Vegan options

Cleanse your body and eat like many of the locals do with simple foods the Jamaican way, focusing on locally raised gourmet mushrooms (when fresh and available).


  • Learn the functional limits of the human mind and body in this unique meditative opportunity.
  • Peace and quiet for the mind, refreshing energy for the body
  • The ideal place to unplug, slow down that fast pace, and get back in touch with nature
  • Be more relaxed and refreshed than you’ve ever been
  • Become stronger mentally and find inner peace
  • A chance to get away and step aside from all the hustle and bustle of city life
  • The ideal location to unplug and enjoy the beauty of nature
  • Rediscover yourself after too long of feeling disconnected
  • Have a wonderful time learning a different practice than your own
  • Drop out of “normal life” for a period




Ryan is an experienced fitness meditation instructor with emphasis on HIIT and boxing. Let him teach you to maximize your body's efficiency with proper biomechanics through mindful and meditative training while living in the moment.


With the positive attitude of our trainer, you will come back feeling centered, ready to integrate your new skills into your life.

What’s Included in This Package

  • Wifi connection
  • Daily meditation classes
  • 3 daily delicious and nutritious meals
  • MoBay Airport pick-up and drop-off
  • Transportation during the retreat
  • Pre- and post-retreat support from our team
  • Accommodation



Cozy Shared room.

Commune close to nature.  Room design varies

Surrounding Area

  • Near the Beach - 7 minute ride or less than 30-minute walk.
  • Close to Nature


How to get there 

  • Fly to Montego Bay (NOT Kingston).

What to bring

  • Bring loose fitting exercise clothing and fitness footwear. A full list will be sent after booking. It is recommended to bring a clean set for each day. 

What’s Not Included in This Package

  • Travel insurance 
  • Flights cost 
  • Additional activities not included in the itinerary 
  • Private fitness training


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