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Psychedelics Company Donating Psilocybin Retreats to Trauma-Suffering Coronavirus Health Workers

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE - 04.29.2020 - Silo Wellness, the team behind the world’s first psilocybin microdosing nasal spray, is responding directly to the onset of global trauma from the COVID-19 pandemic with free facilitated psilocybin-assisted retreats in Jamaica following the crisis. “We would like to offer COVID first responders the opportunity to rest, heal, and experience the benefits of this fungal medicine firsthand,” stated Marine combat veteran Scott Slay of Silo Wellness. “While veterans are still a main focus for our team, we recognize that front-line medical staff will likely suffer the same critical need for healing over the coming months as many of our service members do.” 

“We take very seriously our commitment to help heal the shared global trauma at levels not seen since the Great Depression and WWII,” said Silo Wellness Director of Operations Mo Yang of Toronto. “The impacts of this trauma have the potential of doing greater damage than the virus itself. In the healthcare field alone, practitioners may be burdened with making decisions of who lives and who dies. They are isolated away from families. They are healers who often internalize the suffering of their patients. PTSD is affecting our healthcare heroes as well as those who are suffering from the economic impact of the Pandemic Panic Recession. Our facilities are just a quick flight from major epicenters affected by this pandemic. We hope to offer a relaxing and transformative experience here on the beautiful island of Jamaica.”

“Psilocybin has the potential to save lives and it is important for the pioneers in the emerging legal psychedelic industry to right the injustices of the cannabis green rush and put people before profits by offering affordable access to mushrooms as part of their business plans,” Yang continued. “There have been generations of underground healers preserving these traditions. Now it’s time for us to do our part to share mushrooms with the healthcare world. We look forward to participants returning to their respective jurisdictions and sharing their experiences with their influential medical networks. This is how the world is changed: One success story at a time.”

Initially, Silo Wellness is setting aside a week in February 2021, global travel restrictions notwithstanding, for our healthcare heroes and combat veterans. “We recognize that the nurses and other healthcare professionals working closest to those suffering are going to be in need of not only a vacation but a complete reboot – time to reflect and do a deep dive into what they just went through,” stated Slay. 

“Working overtime and then dealing with the family fallout from the hours and stress leaves little time to process trauma,” Yang explained. “That builds up and for many of us affects our thinking and behaviors. It is our intention to provide a space where those thoughts and feelings can be addressed for overall long-term health and well-being." 

Silo Wellness will provide a private beachfront Jamaican villa, facilitation staff, the mushrooms, and the curriculum. Participants will be responsible for providing the hard work of preparing to confront their greatest enemies within and embark on a new path toward healing. 

Check our schedule for available dates for free retreats or contact us to be considered for other free slots as they become available. 

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If you are a healthcare worker impacted by the trauma of the pandemic or a combat veteran, let us know your interest. Our intake team will reach out to you regarding the next steps for consideration for this opportunity. Travel to Jamaica is your responsibility, but we hope to work with partners to donate funds to assist with financially-impacted veterans travel expenses. In addition to the free slots available we will also be offering retreats on a sliding scale to some veterans. 

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