The Silo Team & Vision


Our vision

Silo Wellness presents to you the opportunity to learn about yourself and the world (reality) through a legal psychedelic experience. The process through different dosing of psilocybin mushrooms and/or full-spectrum mushroom extract allows you to explore your mind, focus, create new ideas, or have other meaningful epiphanies in your life. These could be practical ideas, mystical encounters, or just a subtle or dramatic reboot to your thinking processes. 

Parag Bhatt, Ph.D Pharmacologist


Intake Coordinator

Dr. Bhatt is a co-inventor of the Silo Wellness “magic mushroom” nasal spray. He obtained his doctorate in Pharmacology and Physiology at Saint Louis University with a focus on the neuromodulatory roles of serotonin (5-HT) and dopamine (DA) on a developing neural circuit in Drosophila melanogaster, the fruit fly. 

He has extensively studied how deviations in the development of neural circuitry contribute to the development of effective neurological disorders. 

These pursuits led him to developing an expertise in the psychedelic space regarding prescription drug interactions and contraindications along with the proper intake models and procedures for retreat participant safety.

Scott Slay, U.S. Marine Combat Veteran



“I found mushrooms after returning from Iraq working in IED demolition and combat.  The war changed me and the VA was ill equipped to help me transition and deal with my PTSD.  I was heavily medicated.  

"Mushrooms and DMT saved me. My life was renewed. I now have peace and purpose, and I love sharing this opportunity with others through guided meditations, breath work, and purposeful thinking in a retreat setting.”

Joe Frank, Lead Mushroom Cultivator



My psychedelic journey began in the Summer of 1998, sampling the psilocybin mushrooms of smart shops in Amsterdam’s red-light district. My fellow travelers and I would buy our “Mushies” in little plastic boxes like the kind you would see sushi sold in today, and explore the beautiful canals, plentiful parks, and irreplaceable art exhibits. To this day one of my happiest memories is of a time I ate some “Philosopher Stones” (Psilocybin Truffles), and then spent hours in the Van Gough museum. I was taking in haystacks and sunflowers like I had never seen them before. It was a truly transcendent experience. 

Trip Facilitator in Switzerland (1998-2001)

That same summer of '98, I discovered that psychedelic mushrooms were not yet specifically illegal in Switzerland. Tourists could buy them in shops right next to bags of cannabis. It wasn’t the specific reason I had come to Switzerland, but I quickly found a home in a small youth hostel in the Swiss Alps. Every day I would meet a hundred new people and undoubtedly, some of them were interested in magic mushrooms. What started off as me leading my fellow travelers to where they can access psilocybin quickly morphed into me creating the best possible experience I could for those that wanted to have a purposeful psychedelic experience. 


I spent four amazing Summers in that youth hostel in Switzerland, and led hundreds of people through their first psychedelic experiences. I had become a facilitator by accident, and those experiences shaped my life in a profound way. To this day those are still some of my fondest memories and something I have been trying to replicate for years. 

My Personal Journey

Eventually, all good things come to an end. My trips to Switzerland, though transcendent, were also quite expensive.  I needed to find a real job to pay for those summers abroad. I spent the next 10+ years of my life attempting to find my place in the world and did not have an easy time of it. I tried many jobs in many fields but had not yet found something that felt right for me. I was alone, broke, and had become quite depressed. 

I reached a low point in my life, and even had some suicidal ideation. It was at that point that I read the first articles that suggested psilocybin could help me. I had always considered growing mushrooms myself, but had heard that it was impossibly expensive, and too complex for your average Joe. At that point though I had nothing left to lose and began to do research online. 

Mushroom Cultivation with Purpose

I managed to find several helpful sources and learned that you could buy the mycelium needed to grow mushrooms very easily online. The first technique I used managed to produce some beautiful little mushrooms, but not enough for my needs. I next discovered the “Mono Tub” technique and quickly found myself with WAY more mushrooms than I wanted to have on hand. I did not want to get involved in the black market, but I also didn’t want to start storing pounds of dried mushrooms in my home. 

I was discussing this problem with a trusted confidant and he mentioned that a friend of his was a veteran who was having problems with PTSD. My path quickly became clear, and not long after that I had a network of individuals for which I was providing mushrooms, free of charge. Anyone who came to me looking for help got it. 

I met Scott and Mike through that same network. They heard about the work I was doing, and we all knew very quickly that we needed to work together. Today, I am living in Jamaica, growing mushrooms legally, and I’m one step closer every day to being able to help people from all around the world. 

Mike Arnold, Founder


“I had no information about the benefits of mushrooms until I met a doctor while traveling. He blew my mind with the research and offered to take me on a guided meditation with mushrooms right there on the spot.  I told him I was terrified to use them. ‘How do you know how much you are ingesting? What if I take too much?’ I asked.”

“He replied, ‘Mike, you know me; I’m a doctor.’  Enough said,” Arnold recalls.  “I trusted him and it changed my life.  Mushrooms have been life-changing, and I want to share this healing opportunity with the world with a purpose-driven company mindful of consumer access to these gifts of nature. 

"I look forward to when the retreat system is just a vacation and not a desperate opportunity to find legal access to something that should be decriminalized and available for next to nothing in a community setting.”

Retired Attorney & Counselor at Law

As a high-conflict trial lawyer for 16 years, Mike counseled individuals going through their most horrific life experiences. Most of being a trial lawyer is not advising on risk factors but about how to give clients piece of mind during this harrowing experience or knowing when to intervene when clients may be putting themselves in danger. 

You might have an abuse survivor with PTSD needing empowerment and personal insight. You could have a hardened criminal that just had the ultimate life defining moment due to the impact of poor decisions. You might have the depressed father going through a divorce thinking about throwing life away. Their attorney is who they turn to first and oftentimes they don’t even know the questions to ask. And sometimes they don’t turn to their attorney and you just know when it’s time to intervene to attempt to put them back into the right direction. They are just looking for someone to guide them through the process and help them get their life back. 

We all have tons of data from our own poor choices and difficult life experiences to draw from. And we have the benefit of watching the advice we give that people follow play out in real time. It is from this data set that we draw our opinions and vision about psychedelic retreats along with the research, science and best practices.

Guest Facilitators and Therapists

Build Your Resume While Helping Others

From time to time we will have guest facilitators and therapists to assist with the process. We want to provide facilitators with a working retreat to help them build a legal resume for their own personal professional development. This also helps us learn from others outside our network and gives retreat participants another person to learn from. This has the added benefit in assisting in building this industry in the rest of the world. 

It’s important to realize that there is no perfect way to do a retreat. Most folks have a tradition or philosophy they follow or dress it up with medical terms. However, it’s impossible to say what’s the best with the very limited data pool. Experience and time will tell. Please get involved in this amazing industry during this unique time. 

If you are interested in participating in a retreat, please contact us.